From Around the World Friday


From Around the World Friday is a collection of articles and inspiration to share what I’m loving around the globe this week.

Photograph by Leah La Mochilera

Photograph by Leah La Mochilera

Carnaval de Barranquilla in 40 Weird and Wonderful Photographs, these photos make me want to start planning a trip to Barranquilla for the carnaval...yesterday. 

Photograph By Istvan Zsiros

Photograph By Istvan Zsiros

Kiss Knows No Borders: Refugee Couple in Budapest, what a beautifully captured moment to remind us all of our shared humanity. 

World Music to Add to Your Next Playlist, this song exemplifies Calypso music, the national music of Trinidad and Tobago with Afro-Caribbean roots. Listening to it makes me so excited to travel to Cartagena and the Caribbean next week! 

Six Things About Colombia That Will Surprise You, I was lucky enough to chaperone my 6th graders on a field trip this week to see Colombia Magia Salvaje. It was such an excellently filmed nature documentary showcasing the many diverse regions of Colombia. 

A Guide to Colombian Colloquialisms, bless this guide as I continue learning Spanish. 

Happy reading! 


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